Top 100 investments

Life is hard, extremely hard. You need money to survive and money doesn’t come easy. You can never get rich solely by working in a company, that’s a proven fact. What you need to do is to invest your money and make the money work for you instead of the other way around.


Today you’re in luck. We’ve listed the top 100 best investments to make your money work for you. Check out our list below and begin the journey of economic independence.

 1. Invest money in casino companies.

People love to gamble and gambling is not affected by the state of the economy. In fact people gamble even more during bad times. Gambling is addictive and people have gambled as long as we remember. Therefore investing in casino companies is an awesome investment. Try to find newly created gambling companies and email them to ask if you may purchase some stocks. If you’re interested then check out this casino bonus site that reviews the best casino bonuses online to find out the newest and best casino companies.

2. Invest in property

Investing money in buying property is almost always a good investment. Property almost always goes up in value over time and in worst case scenario you will still always have that property. Try to find a cheap property in an upcoming neighborhood that you think will go up in value.

3. Flipping houses

Flipping property is a great investment if you know how to do it correctly. You make your profit from your real estate by either buying low and selling high (often in a high-rising market), or buying a house that you repair and fix up before reselling it for a profit.


In order to fix and flip a real estate an investor or flipper will purchase a house at price often deeply discounted from the house’s market value. The discount may be due to the house’s condition (e.g., the house needs major renovations and/or repairs) or the owner(s) needing to sell a house quickly (e.g., relocation, divorce, pending foreclosure). The investor will then perform necessary renovations and repairs, and attempt to make a profit by selling the house quickly at a higher price (closer to or maybe a bit above market value). The “fix and flip” scenario is profitable to investors because the average home buyer lacks the time and funds to repair and update the house, so they seek out a move-in ready home instead, even if it is a little above market price. Read more about flipping houses on Wikipedia

4. Invest in Casino Providers

Instead of investing in the Casino company, invest in the Casino provider instead who provides the games. Some of the biggest companies are Netent, Microgaming and WMS. WMS is an upcoming online company that has taken their offline slots and put them online. Read more about WMS slots at

5. Make money on Online Casinos.

What you are looking for is to get a free spins no deposit bonus. It’s absolutely free and with no risk at all. Usually you will get a certain amount of free spins when you register a new account. A great way to earn some extra cash!

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Check out this Norwegian who won €11.7 million with free spins that he got from a video slot called Mega Fortune.

6. Make money on Binary Options Trading.

There’s a new form of trading nowadays called Binary Trading Options. It’s a new way on how to make money online. It works like this: You bet on whether a commodity will go UP or DOWN within a certain time frame. If the commodity goes up you win between 70 – 300 %. Then you just keep making these bets and win a lot of money. You can trade on almost everything from Apple stocks to the value of the Euro..

more investments coming up….